Your Teacher’s Classroom (yteach) will follow the CBSE curriculum for the implementation of a strong problem solving based programme. We will use the CBSE Three Tier Model of Math Instruction to assist all students in becoming proficient mathematicians.

Problem solving skills extend mathematical concepts to real life and build a foundation for students to form logical arguments and solve real life problems. “Mathematics is the language of science”, and we will strive to provide cross-curricular problems and experiences so that math students may apply their problem-solving skills in numerous academic settings.

As Your Teacher’s Classroom (yteach) makes decisions on math curriculum and practices, Math, by NCERT will be the foundation textbook for our math programme and online support from Kahn Academy.

Science/ SST

NCERT Textbooks is used in elementary Science and Social Studies, however science kits with literacy support materials will also be considered. Science instruction will allow students to build complex abstract knowledge from simple, concrete experiences.

Student exploration should precede formal teacher presentations, where students may work in small groups, exploring ideas and making observations for them and sharing ideas with others.

This communicative interaction aligns with the Your Teacher’s Classroom (yteach) mission and vision and science lessons will encourage students to seek and value alternative modes of problem solving.

The teacher will assist students in making connections with other disciplines. Divergent thinking will be valued and students may offer solutions to scientific or mathematical


Development of basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will be the focus of the English Programme. Our instructors will use a communicative approach to engage students in the learning process.

Social Skills

In all classrooms, social skills lessons will be taught as part of our social studies curriculum. A social skills programme at Your Teacher’s Classroom (yteach) will encourage students to become respectable, caring citizens employing appropriate social skills daily.

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning is an instructional strategy in which small groups of students work together on a common task or project. This teaching method is an excellent way to allow students to think critically without relying on the teacher for every question they may have.

Your Teacher’s Classroom (yteach) is aware of some of the limitations of cooperative learning. High performing students when regularly grouped with low performing students may become discouraged because too much time is spent assisting others and less on group performance.

Your Teacher’s Classroom (yteach) will utilize multi-aged grouping in literacy and math allowing groups to work within a smaller range of student ability. Multi-aged ability grouping will always be a method of instruction used as a supplement to whole group instruction at Your Teacher’s Classroom (yteach).

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